Safeguarding statement

Safeguarding Statement: Parish of Church Langley

The Eldership team of Church Langley takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

The Safeguarding Statement applies to all who make up the church "workforce" which includes all clergy, holders of Bishops licence or permission, those commissioned or authorised by the Bishop, those, paid or unpaid, who hold positions of responsibility in a parish and work with children or vulnerable adults, and those with representational parish ministry.

For the purpose of this document the term "Parish" is used to denote the Eldership team and Incumbent who are together responsible for ensuring the diocesan safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented.


  1. The Church Langley Eldership team have adopted the National Church of England's policies and best practice on safeguarding 2017 which may be found on the Church of England’s website: and a hard copy is kept accessible on our noticeboard.

Useful Contacts

  1. Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Eunice Ogbomo-Thomas, who has been appointed by the Eldership team and may be contacted at church or by email to: Safeguarding
  2. Chelmsford Diocese Safegurding team:
  3. Harlow Local Authority 

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of a child or vulnerable adult you should call the police using the 999 emergency number.

Statement of Commitment

The Eldership team will develop a safeguarding culture that:

  • Creates an environment where there is awareness and vigilance about the signs, symptoms and impacts of abuse.
  • Enable and encourages all concerns or allegations to be raised in order to protect children and adults from harm.
  • Ensures all those who work or volunteer on behalf of the church with children and adults achieve the standards required by this policy.
  • Holds to account those in the church community who disregard the safety and well-being of children and adults.